Ursus & Nadeschkin





  • January: Due to Corona we postpone this years spring to autumn... hoping that we will be able to perform again sometime in the future...
  • Instead of live performances, there are regular zoom dialogues of U&N on Youtube, shared by many people.
  • There are now augmented reality characters of U&N. You can put them in your living room (things you do when you are no longer allowed to perform in the real world...).
  • May/June: 7 shows with a Corona special programme for the corona permitted 50 viewers.
  • Ursus uses the free time for the production of his new book WELT AUFRÄUMEN (Tidying up the World) – a large project with almost 100 participants.
  • Management change: our office & tour booking is now with Dreh & Angel!
  • Our tour in autumn can almost take place under normal conditions again: wonderful!
  • October: book opening of WELT AUFRÄUMEN @LichthalleMaag
  • This years statistics:
    26 cancelled shows
    8 Corona special shows
    31 regular shows with THE DANCE OF THE SUGAR PLUM FERRY


  • Our Tour with the Swiss nations CIRCUS KNIE is postponed several times: from march to mai, from mai to july, from july to septembre.
  • Finally:
  • At least, we set 2 Swiss records this year: first, we were the artists who played the most shows in the pandemic year 2020 (65) – secondly, we were the ones who had the most shows cancelled (198). That's something, after all!


  • Rehearsals for the CIRCUS KNIE
  • All year tour with some 70 shows in Switzerland with 'DER TANZ DER ZUCKERPFLAUMENFÄHRE'
  • Sept: 'DER TANZ DER ZUCKERPFLAUMENFÄHRE' is premiering in Germany at the Pfefferberg Theatre in Berlin
  • Okt.: Touring Austria with 'DER TANZ DER ZUCKERPFLAUMENFÄHRE'


  • 'PERLEN, FREAKS & SPECIAL GUESTS' (4 shows at Theater 11 in Zürich)
  • U&N are featured with a two-hour show 'URSUS & NADESCHKIN – DIE ERSTEN 30 JAHRE' (engl.: THE FIRST 30 YEARS) on Swiss television
  • Rehearsals for both the new Swiss show and the English show
  • U&N performing at FRINGE FESTIVAL EDINBURGH their English show 'SYCHRONISED SWIMMING – THE DRY VERSION' (22 shows in 24 days!)
  • Rehearsals and try outs for the new show in Swiss
  • Dec 6: U&N premier their 10th evening show 'DER TANZ DER ZUCKERPFLAUMENFÄHRE' (engl: DANCE OF THE SUGAR PLUM FERRY) at Casinotheater Winterthur


  • U&N are doing a break: no shows until fall.
  • Time for a lot of things we usually don't have time for
  • N lives in Berlin for half a year
  • U travels around the world and lives in San Francisco for half a year
  • N is directing the comedy trio STARBUGS
  • July 21st: 30 years Ursus & Nadeschkin!
  • Working on new show with Tom Ryser
  • On tour with 'PERLEN, FREAKS & SPECIAL GUESTS' (6 weeks, 30 shows, 12 cities)


  • U&N are doing a break: no shows this year.
  • Time for  a lot of things we usually don't have time for
  • Nadja works as an author and director for the renowned GRIPS THEATRE in Berlin and premieres the piece 'AUS DIE MAUS' in September 2016)


  • U&N finish their tour with 'IM ORCHESTER GRABEN' (after 70 sold out shows)
  • A new DVD 'U&N – LAUTER LIEBLINGSNUMMERN' is released (in german)
  • Last shows with 'SECHSMINUTEN' (after 192 shows in Switzerland, Germany & Austria)
  • Release of the DVD 'SECHSMINUTEN' (engl.: SIXMINUTES)
  • It's now 25 years since we started collaborating with our director TOM RYSER (and there's no end in sight...)
  • Two exhibitions with KUNST AUFRÄUMEN (TIDYING UP ART) in Bremerhaven and Bad Mergentheim
  • Nadja continues directing with STARBUGS


  • ON tour with 'PERLEN, FREAKS & SPECIAL GUESTS' (29 shows, 32 days, 12 cities)
  • TV broadcast for 3sat television of 'LAUTER LIEBLINGSNUMMERN' (engl.: "NOTHING BUT FAVOURED SCENES")
  • Austria premiere with 'SECHSMINUTEN' in Vienna
  • Ursus tours with his Soloshow 'KUNST AUFRÄUMEN LIVE' through Germany
  • N directs and premieres the show "CRASH BOOM BANG" from STARBUGS
  • Release of the german DVD 'LAUTER LIEBLINGSNUMMERN'
  • Tour with 'IM ORCHESTER GRABEN' (the 4th season)
  • This year's facts: 5 completely different shows; 99 performances; 75'000 (in words: a lot!) spectators


  • On tour with 'SECHSMINUTEN'
  • 'THE ART OF CLEAN UP', the american edition of Ursus' 3rd book "DIE KUNST, AUFZURÄUMEN", is released and is promoted in a big feature in the New York Times
  • Ursus gives a speech at the TYPO CONFERENCE in San Francisco
  • Nadja is a voice actor in the movie 'DAS KLEINE GESPENST'
  • Ursus is invited to the FUTURE CONGRESS in Vienna
  • Nadja directs the trio STARBUGS
  • Ongoing tour with the shows 'SECHSMINUTEN' and 'ZUGABE' through Switzerland, Germany and Austria
  • Ursus Solo exhibition with TIDYING UP ART in Isny
  • Germany premiere with 'SECHSMINUTEN' in Freiburg


  • U&N celebrate their 25th stage anniversary!
  • 2nd tour with 'IM ORCHESTER GRABEN'. 17 shows for 18,342 people
  • U&N receive the 'Ehren Cornichon' award
  • May: Tour through Austria with 'ZUGABE'
  • July: U&N produce a short film for the KUNSTHAUS (Museum of Modern Art) in Zurich.
  • September: Premiere of 'SECHSMINUTEN' at the Casinotheater Winterthur. 24 performances in just 5 weeks.
  • Followed by a tour throughout Switzerland: 70 Shows that sold out every last seat.
  • October: The German debut at the renowned theater Bonn with 'IM ORCHESTER GRABEN' ended with a standing ovation
  • December: The eighth DVD 'ZUGABE' (with sign language interpretation) is released!
  • By the way: U&N cancel 450 requests for 2012 and 2013 (because there is always so much to do).


  • January to April: Maternity leave for Nadeschkin and…
  • …time for Ursus to once again tour with his 'TYDING UP ART' solo act
  •  …and to work on his third clean-up book: It’s called 'DIE KUNST, AUFZURÄUMEN' (THE ART OF CLEAN-UP). A variety of mass events are necessary, such as tidying up a parking lot with 100 cars, arranging a sunbathing lawn with pool guests by color, and much more.
  • Ursus does dramaturgy for the dance piece 'EIGENBRÖTLER' by the dance company SOMAFON
  • From May: U&N are extensively back on tour with their 'ZUGABE' (to make up for all 80 rescheduled dates due to the pregnancy)
  • Summer: Rehearsals for the new theater production 'SECHMINUTEN'
  • U&N have to release more and more statements, write prefaces, or give honorary speeches. Every so often, we are asked for boards and committees – all obvious signs of getting older!
  • October/November: Successful German tour with 'ZUGABE': Cologne, Munich and a two-week run at TIPI AM KANZLERAMT in Berlin
  • Ursus’ new book has already sold around 100,000 copies within four months, thus topping both his previous books.
  • December: The third season of 'IM ORCHESTER GRABEN' begins with a standing
  • U&N are voted officilally 'the audience favorites' at the 20th AROSA HUMORFESTIVAL


  • January to June: U&N take an extensive duo break: Nadja migrates to Australia and lives in Sydney for six months, practicing at becoming a balboa dancer, surfing and working on her screenplay.
  • In the meantime, Ursus starts his 'KUNST AUFRÄUMEN' solo act on an extensive tour through Swiss and German theatres and museums
  • June: For one week, Ursus produces five additional short films for DIE SENDUNG MIT DER MAUS (europe's biggest childrens entertainment programm on tv, comparable to SESAME STREET)
  • Because someone in the duo gets pregnant, U&N have to postpone nearly their entire fall tour
  • Nevertheless, there is a small CH tour in September with a big belly and the show 'ZUGABE'
  • U&N play at the ROSE D'OR AWARD show at the KKL Lucerne.
  • U&N on the cover of the new Swiss stage art book 'GROSSE SCHWEIZER KLEINKUNST' together with Mani Matter and Emil Steinberger.
  • December: Nadja gives birth


  • For the second time U&N are nominated for the SWISS AWARD and surprisingly reach 3rd place for the people’s choice of 'Swiss of the Year'
  • Media embargoed work-in-progress-tour with the new program 'THE ENCORE'. A summary of 22 years of U&N’s acts.
  • Nadeschkin directs the STARBUGS, a clown-dance-trio, which had their break-through at Circus KNIE (Swiss National Circus)
  • Reprise of 'IM ORCHESTER GRABEN' (engl.: 'DIGGING IN THE ORCHESTRA PIT') at Theatre 11, Zurich: 17 shows in  3 weeks for 22,000 people!
  • After almost 200 shows the program 'WELTREKORD' (engl.: 'WORLD RECORD') is being played for the last time
  • U&N play in front of 10,000 people on the 'Bundesplatz’ (Parliament building)
  • U&N celebrate the birth of their newest CD 'ZUGABE' (engl.: 'ENCORE') at Barfussbar Zurich.
  • U&N produce and host the 6th Swiss tour of ‘PEARLS, FREAKS & SPECIAL GUESTS’ (this time with various artists like: Annamateur und Aussensaiter (GER), Morgan (FA), Inertie (CAN), BP Zoom (USA/FR), Hilty & Bosch (JAP), Duo Iroshnikov (UKR): 31 shows, 18,000 people in the audience – sold out everywhere)
  • Germany’s premiere of 'ZUGABE' (engl.: 'ENCORE') at Theaterhaus Stuttgart followed by a tour throughout Germany
  • Ursus tours solo with 'TIDYING UP ART LIVE'
  • The new CD 'ZUGABE' stays in 1st place on iTunes in the category of Audio Books
  • For the 3rd time U&N are invited to STARS IN DER MANEGE (The biggest circus show on TV in Germany, Switzerland and Austria)
  • U&N play at the inauguration celebration for Pascal Bruderer, the new head of state (although she is quite short, she holds the highest Swiss political position). 
  • U&N celebrate their Luxembourg premiere with 'ZUGABE'. 
  • The first German DVD, 'EXTREM URSUS & NADESCHKIN' is published
  • U&N for the 9th and last time, host the fantastic HUMORFESTIVAL AROSA TV production.


  • U&N and their director Tom Ryser receive the highest Swiss theatre award, the HANS-REINHART-RING 2008.
  • Spring: world premiere and Swiss tour of  'IM ORCHESTER GRABEN' ('DIGGING IN THE ORCHESTRA PIT'), a concert theater with the symphonic orchestra Camerata Schweiz. The production was so successful that it will be taken up again in May 2009.
  • Austrian premiere of 'WELTREKORD' ('WORLD RECORD') in Vienna followed by an Austrian Tour.
  • Autumn: DVD release of 'WELTREKORD' ('WORLD RECORD') in Swiss German.
  • August: U&N win the Henriettchen 08, a rather unnecessary award at the COMEDY ARTS FESTIVAL in Moers (GER)
  • Three 'U&N SPEDIALS' in Basel... a tryout series for a small audience.
  • U&N perform a special program in total darkness for blind people (and sighted people, who try to be blind...) for only one evening in Zurich, Basel, and in Köln (radio recording in cooperation with the WDR radio station)
  • Autumn: for the 4th time U&N host the opening of the International COMEDY FESTIVAL in Köln
  • Along the way, Nadeschkin is writing a movie script ‘DO NOT SWING!’ (planned to be shot in 2009/10)
  • Winter: for the 8th time U&N host the TV gala at the HUMOR FESTIVAL in Arosa for the Swiss TV
  • December: 'URSUS & NADESCHKIN – DIE EXTREMAUSGABE' (the 'EXTREME EDITION') is now available as 4-DVD-set, just in time for christmas!


  • Extended spring tour with 'WELTREKORD' ('WORLD RECORD') in Germany and Switzerland.
  • ...a sold out week in the LUSTSPIELHAUS Munich.
  • ...and another week in the WÜHLMÄUSE Berlin.
  • Austrian tour with 'HAILIGHTS' (Vienna, Graz, Insbruck,...).
  • June 21: U&N get a surprise party thrown by their team for the 20 YEARS ANNIVERSARY
  • U&N produce and host the 6th Swiss tour of 'PEARLS, FREAKS & SPECIAL GUESTS' (this time with various artists like: Värttinä (FIN), Gennady & Jesko (UKR/CAN), Viktor Kee (UKR), Trespace (GER/SWISS), Patrick Cottet-Moine (FR) und Carrington & Brown (ENG): 31 shows, 20,000 people)
  • Together with director and author Tom Ryser, U&N produce the tv show 'DIE SAMSTAGABENDKISTE'. This 90-min-feature is aired prime time on Swiss tv
  • The DVD of the same show is released one month later with Warner Brothers
  • U&N are going for a hike to the Hörnli for the environmental project Pro Natura
  • U&N start with pre rehearsals for the project 'IM ORCHESTER GRABEN' ('DIGGING IN THE ORCHESTRA PIT') with the symphonic orchestra CAMERATA (premiere in March 08)
  • Ursus tours Swiss Museums with his solo 'TIDYING UP ART'
  • Summary: 98 shows this year, of which 28 were performed abroad – some 56'000 people have balanced a PET bottle on their head!


  • January: Première with 'WELTREKORD' ('WORLD RECORD') at the Schauspielhaus in Basel. All spring performances are sold out within a couple of days.
  • Ursus presents 'TIDYING UP ART' as a guest speaker at the TED-CONFERENCE (among other speakers like Al Gore, Peter Gabriel, Nicholas Negroponte, the Google-founders, Page and Brim and other nice guys) in Monterey, California.
  • Nadeschkin was added to the cast of a Swiss national TV Show (six broadcasts) called GENIAL DANEBEN.
  • Ursus becomes a daddy!
  • U&N faced a deaf audience at the festival SOUND OF SILENCE. This goes… somewhat without saying…
  • Autumn: U&N open the KÖLN COMEDY FESTIVAL in Cologne
  • German Premiere of 'WELTREKORD' ('WORLD RECORD') at in Cologne
  • The DVD 'HAILIGHTS' is a bestseller: sold over 8,000 copies.
  • Ursus performs 'TIDYING UP ART' at various venues, such as the prestigious FONDATION BEYELER in Basel and ZENTRUM PAUL KLEE in Bern
  • U&N are part of STARS IN DER MANEGE at Circus Krone for the second time.
  • Again, U&N are special guests at the show BENISSIMO on Swiss national television.
  • Ursus 2nd book is published in english: 'TIDYING UP MORE ART'
  • For the sixth time in a row, U&N host the shows of the AROSA HUMORFESTIVAL for Swiss national television.
  • 'WELTREKORD' ('WORLD RECORD') was performed 60 times this year
  • Finishing this year’s performances, U&N proudly look back on 2'200 shows in 19 years and are getting ready for their 20th-year-jubilee! (2007)


  • U&N spend 3 months in Australia: 2nd phase of rehearsals for the new program 'WELTREKORD' ('WORLD RECORD') and a two week run with 'SYNCHRONISED SWIMMING - THE DRY VERSION' at the MELBOURNE INTERNATIONAL COMEDY FESTIVAL.
  • The third phase of rehearsals for 'WELTREKORD' in Zurich, followed by a Work-in-progress-tour for small audiences throughout Switzerland.
  • Finally, the DVD, 'HAILIGHTS' is published (co-production with Warner Bros.), followed by an extensive promo-tour, featuring special guests such as  the Synchronschwimmerinnen der Limmatnixen (Synchronized Swimming team)
  • U&N host the opening night of the KÖLN COMEDY FESTIVAL
  • Nadeschkin starts a concert series called 'NADESCHKIN SINGT?' (Swingtime Dance Arkestra feat. Nadja Sieger)
  • Ursus Solo exhibit with 'TIDYING UP ART' at the WILHELM BUSCH MUSEUM in Hanover, Germany.
  • DVD 'FREMDE IM PARADIES', ('FOREIGNERS IN PARADISE'), starring Nadja Sieger, is released.
  • U&N joined the Swiss SUPERZEHNKAMPF at Zurich Hallenstadion for a crowd of 11'000 people.
  • This year, for the first time, U&N did NOT receive any award! (We feel truly honored!)
  • This year U&N became household names on television … (Quatsch Comedy Club, Ottis Schlachthof, TV Total, 3sat-Festival and many more…)
  • As usual, U&N hosted the three tv shows of AROSA HUMORFESTIVAL for Swiss national television.
  • 2005 in hindsight: 62 evening shows, 11 television shows, 11 Work-in-progress-performances with the new program, 19 English performances  Down Under, 5 concerts, one exhibition and a worn out duo by the end of the year.


  • Annual AROSA HUMOR FESTIVAL in December (biggest and highest Festival in Switzerland)
  • Nadeschkin stars in her first TV-Movie 'FREMDE IM PARADIES' ('STRANGERS IN PARADISE')
  • Ursus second book 'NOCH MEHR KUNST AUFRÄUMEN' ('TIDYING UP MORE ART') is published.
  • U&N are honoured with the Eastgerman comedy award LEIPZIGER LÖWENZAHN
  • U&N tour Switzerland with their newest variety-production of 'PEARLS, FREAKS & SPECIAL GUESTS'
  • U&N toured Switzerland and Germany with both two shows: 'HAILIGHTS' and 'SOLO!'
  • U&N perform 'SOLO!' at Schauspielhaus Zurich and Theater Basel.
  • ...and Nadeschkin goes on dancing Lindy-Hop and performing Jazz in her tiny little Swing band, for fun!


  • After working together nonstop for 16 years U&N grant themselves 6 months to sleep in.
  • Among other things Nadeschkin travels around the world, gets to know aborigines, learns surfing, Swing and Lindy-hop.
  • In February she participates in the International Jitterbug Championship in Melbourne and does not win a medal!
  • During all this Ursus tours as author and inventor of 'KUNST AUFRÄUMEN' ('TIDYING UP ART') and accepts numerous international invitations from the art scene. His book goes to its 7th printing, sells 100,000 copies and in September will also be available in the US, UK and France.
  • In the meantime the revival of 'PEARLS, FREAKS & SPECIAL GUESTS' is shown for the first time on Swiss television and seen by an audience of over 1.5 million.
  • New release of 'URSUS & NADESCHKIN – SOLO!' and revival of 'HAILIGHTS'. Both productions tour through Germany beginning in September.
  • By the way: Nadeschkin performs twice as a Jazz singer in a Swing Band.


The main thing:

URSUS & NADESCHKIN AT CIRCUS KNIE: U&N are featured as headline act of Swiss NATIONAL CIRCUS KNIE, meaning: 257 performances for an audience of 2,500 spectators, ie: Ursus & Nadeschkin are seen live by an audience of over 640,000.

In addition:
  • The German CD of 'HAILIGHTS' is released
  • Ursus Wehrli creates a sensation with his book 'KUNST AUFRÄUMEN' ('TIDYING UP ART'). His book is on the bestsellers list for months.
  • Appearance on the HARALD-SCHMIDT-SHOW on SAT1.
  • Appearance on STARS IN DER MANEGE at Circus Krone  (German, Austrian and Swiss TV).
  • U&N are regulars on QUATSCH COMEDY CLUB, on German television
  • U&N host the TV-Gala HUMORFESTIVAL Arosa once again.
  • Record: With 257 circus shows plus additional 33 performances this year U&N establish their absolute record of 290, thus making them acutely ripe for vacation.
  • U&N are the Winners of the famous German Award, Deutscher Kleinkunstpreis 2002.


  • U&N are honoured with the SALZBURGER STIER Award.
  • U&N hosted the TV-Gala HUMORFESTIVAL Arosa for the second time.
  • U&N were honoured by the government of Zurich for Innovative Theatre Work.
  • U&N toured Switzerland with their best-of-variety-show 'PEARLS, FREAKS & SPECIAL GUESTS', which is a smash hit and is seen live by 20,000 spectators.
  • March 5th: U&N celebrate their 1500th performance!
  • April 6th: U&N visit Mount Hörnli (without anybody noticing.)
  • One month engagement at the BAR JEDER VERNUNFT in Berlin


  • U&N participate the New York International FRINGE FESTIVAL.
  • ..and are honoured with the FINGE NYC AWARD for best comedy act.
  • U&N host the TV-Gala HUMORFESTIVAL Arosa for the first time!
  • U&N are honoured for the 2nd time with the Prix Walo (Swiss television entertainment award).
  • U&N tour Switzerland with 'HAILIGHTS' and 'SOLO!'


  • U&N are honoured with the major Swiss fringe theatre award GOLDENER THUNFISCH.
  • U&N release the CD 'HAILIGHTS' (in German language).
  • European premiere of 'URSUS & NADESCHKIN – SOLO!' at the Hackesches Hoftheatre in Berlin.
  • Swiss Opening Night of 'URSUS & NADESCHKIN – SOLO!' at theatre Tuchlaube Aarau.
  • U&N are invited to the major Swiss Theatre Festival ZÜRCHER THEATERSPEKTAKEL with 'SOLO!'
  • U&N tour Switzerland with their variety show 'PEARLS, FREAKS & SPECIAL GUESTS'.
  • U&N tour Switzerland with 'HAILIGHTS' and 'SOLO!' (150 shows!)


  • U&N live in New York for 3 months (several short appearances in mixed shows)
  • U&N tour Switzerland with «HAILIGHTS»
  • U&N tour Germany and Austria with the 'VARIETE GRENZENLOS'
  • U&N produce and premier their new show 'SOLO!' in Zürich and New York (directed by Tom Ryser/Andrea Kurmann)
  • U&N participate at the New York Fringe Festival with the show 'SYNCHRONIZED SWIMMING – THE DRY VERSION'


  • U&N live in New York City for 3 months, and are making several short appearances in mixed shows.
  • U&N tour Austria/Germany/Switzerland with 'HAILIGHTS' (Special 10th Anniversary show).
  • U&N premiere 'HAILIGHTS' at the Vorstadt theatre in Vienna (Austria).
  • U&N receive the PRIX WALO (most important Swiss television entertainment award).
  • U&N celebrate their 1000th performance (within 11 years)
  • Nadeschkin directs an evening magic/circus show with LIVING ART, Switzerland
  • U&N direct and star the GOP VARIETY, Hannover, Germany.


  • U&N tour Europe, performing at more than twenty major theatre festivals.
  • The show 'ONE STEP BEYOND' has been performed some 200 times so far
  • U&N are honoured with the 'Scheinbar'-Award in Berlin.
  • First Swiss tour with the 'THEATER VARIETY'


  • Two-month sold out run at the HACKESCHES HOFTHEATER in Berlin with the show «ONE STEP BEYOND»
  • Nadeschkin studies voice with Mirka Yemen-Dzakis in Athens, Greece.
  • U&N study Argentinian Tango with Ricardo y Nicole, Buenos Aires.
  • The production 'ONE STEP BEYOND' was sold out for more than two months in the Hackesches Hoftheatre in Berlin, Germany.
  • U&N host the christmas show at the GOP Variety in Hannover, Germany (39 shows in 29 days)


  • U&N begin a collaboration with the Swiss educational system,
    performing and occasionally teaching at all levels.
  • U&N tour Europe with three different shows.


  • U&N perform at refugee camps in former Yugoslavia during the war.
  • U&N found the 'THEATRE-VARIETE' in Zurich. They become organisers, directors and stars of this annual variety festival.
  • Premiere their third show, 'ONE STEP BEYOND' in Turtle Key Arts Centre, London, directed by Tom Ryser.
  • U&N published 'URSUS & NADESCHKIN GANZ FLACH' (Ursus & Nadeschkin Absolutely Flat), a cartoon book of drawings and short stories by U&N.


  • Nadeschkin premiered with '.....& NADESCHKIN – Halb so lang und halb so lustig'
    ('.....& Nadeschkin – Half As Long And Half As Funny'), in Zurich, Switzerland, directed by Tom Ryser, in the meantime Urs has to go to jail for 7 months for not joining the military
  • U&N founded Drü Nachdenachte (The Three AfterEights)
    for non-visual theatre projects and improvisational shows in Switzerland.


  • Performances at Turtle Key Arts Centre and Lylian Baylis Theatre in London.


  • U&N premiered their second show 'EINE UNGEWÖHNLICHE CLOWNERIE'
    (An Unusual Clownery), directed by Tom Ryser at Theatre Stok in Zurich, Switzerland


  • U&N premiere their first full show at Vorstadttheatre in Basel, Switzerland


  • Since 1988: self-education and various seminars in physical theater, dance, mime, artistry, voice, etc.
  • Nadja finishes school  (Maturität Typus B)
  • Urs makes an apprenticeship as a typographer


  • U&N founded Ursus & Nadeschkin: street performances and short appearances at birthday parties, weddings, openings, closings, corporate events.... just about everywhere.

Meerkabarett Sylt (GER), Cabarena Bozen, Theater-Spektakel Zürich (SWISS), Arosa Humosfestival 1996 - 2009 (SWISS), Int. Köln Comedy Festival 2005/2006/2008 (GER), Melbourne Int. Comedy Festival (AUS), Int. Fringe Festival New York (USA), Int. Comedy Arts Festival Moers (GER), Gaffenberg-Festival Heilbronn (GER), Lachmesse Leipzig (GER), Variété- und Comedy-Festival Berlin (GER), Grenzenlos-Festival D-Freiburg (GER), Kleinkunstfestival Berlin (GER), Sommerszene Saarbrücken (GER), «Soorser Comedy Täg» (SWISS), Ulmer Zelt (GER), Tollwood-Festival München (GER), KIK Festival Kreuzlingen, Donaufestival Krems (AUSTRIAN), La Piazza Augsburg (GER), Zelt- & Musikfestival Freiburg (GER), Pflasterspektakel Würzburg (GER), Kulturufer Friedrichshafen (GER), SchappoKlack Würzburg (GER), Festival der Mimen und Clowns Stuttgart (GER), Tanzfestival Orlando Nürnberg (GER), Humorfestival Arosa (SWISS), European Juggling Convention (GER), «Das Fest» Karlsruhe (GER), Theaterfestival Isny (GER), Satirefestival Halle (GER), etc.

Schweiz: SF DRS: «Giacobbo/Müller» (div. Auftritte), «Schweizer-Hits», «Tagesschau», «Quer», «Schweizerlacher», «10 vor 10», «Arosa Humorfestival» (2000-2009), «Schweiz-Aktuell», «GENIAL DANEBEN», «Aeschbacher», «NEXT», «Viktor's Spätprogramm», «Prix-Walo»-Gala, «Zischtig's Club», «Sprechstunde», «Takito», «SonntagsMagazin», «Risiko», «Leben live!», «Quiz Today», Tagesschau u.v.a.
Deutschland: ZDF: «Stars in der Manege»(2009/2006/2002) PRO7 «Quatsch-Comedy-Club» (2001-2005), «TV Total» bei Stefan Raab, SAT1 «Harald-Schmidt-Show», WDR «Missfits & Verwandtschaft», SWR «Wunderland-Revue», 3-Sat-Festival Mainz (2001/2002/2005/2008), ZDF-«Fernsehgarten», ZDF-Unicef-Gala, ARD «Stars in der Manege», BR «Ottis Schlachthof»(2008/2007/2005/20404), HR 3 «Traumtänzer», SWF 3 «Kulturzeit», etc

The productions HAILIGTS, DIE SAMSTAGABENDKISTE, WELTREKORD, ZUGABE, SECHSMINUTEN have been aired several times prime time in the major Swiss television.