Ursus & Nadeschkin

Press clippings

The magic of the performance still fulfills you the morning after. That’s what defines great art without over exaggerating Ursus and Nadeschkin.

Der Sonntag, 06.05.2013

The brilliant stage production is soulful and hilarious and ends sooner than anyone thought it would.

Berner Zeitung, 18.04.2013

For around a quarter of a century, Nadja Sieger and Urs Wehrli have been enchanting us with their stage names Ursus & Nadeschkin with a unique blend of clownery and comedy.

Abendzeitung, Munich, 27.10.2011

Anarchic like the Marx Brothers, absurd and profound like Beckett with visually jazz-like appeal and the unlimited license of doing everything.

RheinNeckarPresse, 06.05.2011

Experiencing “Ursus and Nadeschkin” for two hours means escaping reality and trying to hold on to this moment for as long as you can.

Südkurier, 14.11.2009

By the way, a show by Ursus & Nadeschkin is also a masterpiece of precision in timing, the dramaturgic display of emotions and the effective use of play, dance and acrobatics.

Abendzeitung, Munich, 11.01.2007

Comedyfestival Melbourne 2005 SWISS DUO'S WACKY ROLE (...) the two veteran Swiss comics started as street buskers more than 19 years and 2000 performances ago. They are now among their country's most popular performers. They appear regularly on television shows and at festivals throughout Europe. Critics claim the pair are impossible to describe. Their spontaneity on stage is a feature of their act. The pair claim each performance is «fresh and unique» and peppered with improvisations (...)

Paul Steward
Herald Sun Melbourne, 03.04.2005

«If anyone is disappointed that Lano & Woodley aren't performing this year, Ursus & Nadeschkin from Switzerland are very much in the same spirit of comedy. Their show meanders chaotically through several different kinds of performance art including dance, bilingual joke-telling, juggling, singing, drumming and fine art visual gags. Highly recommended!»

Katherine Phelps
Melbourne Comedy Festival, 25.03.2005

"U&N are a smash hit! The audience enthusiastically celebrated the two comedians. They perform in the circus-ring as if they had never done anything else: bold, funny, superior, explosive dialog and lots of charm!"

Tages-Anzeiger, 23.03.2002

"The audience is always promised one highlight after the next. U&N make that same promise with "Pearls, Freaks & Special Guests". The only difference is that they keep it!"

Sonntagsblick, .09.2001